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A note from our founders

In 2010 I co-founded Marion's Kitchen with my husband, Tim. We’d best be described as two lifelong food nerds and perfectionists determined to bring our most wild and creative ideas to life. 

We started with meal kits based on my family recipes and special combinations of herbs, spices and just the right seasonings to make each dish absolutely amazing. There was no compromise…it had to be a beautiful experience or I just wouldn’t send the product to market. 13 years on, we are one of the most-loved Asian brands in the Australian supermarkets. 

But meal kits were not enough. In 2017 we launched some very simple cooking videos on Facebook and wow, did that take on a life of its own. You invited me into your homes and kitchens and we’ve since slurped noodles non-stop, made dumplings from scratch, and upset the Italians with our fusion pasta. My recipes have also made their way into a number of books, which we publish through our own imprint, Oriana Press. 

At our very core, we have always been dedicated to making the very best products, whether it’s food, videos and now cookware and homewares. The drive is the same….to create and make the things that other people think are too hard or not possible.

In 2022, I brought together some of Australia’s best designers and lifestyle product people to rethink the things we cook, eat and live with everyday. MAKO cookware was created for high performance, utilising the best technology to craft quality tools that are a must-have in the kitchen. My Asoke homewares are designed to be the beautiful things you want to serve and host with now but that you’re still in love with in years to come.

And now here’s CookDineHost. It’s the marketplace for everything you need to eat, drink, and be.

This is my dream destination for kitchenware, homewares, and of course, food. Books to treasure and inspire. Homewares to adorn your table. Kitchenware for ultimate performance.

At CookDineHost, every piece and every recommendation is highly curated and if not designed by myself and my dedicated team, you can be sure it’s the best in its class. Because the truth is, no matter what I’m doing, my motivation is the same: I want to do it like no one else is, and to a standard that is beyond the expected.