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Frequently asked questions

Store policy FAQS

Orders for Canada are dispatched within 40-72 hours of order. Delivery can be expected within 3-7 business days, depending on your location. We offer free standard shipping on any qualifying order with a subtotal of $200 CAD or more. For orders below that threshold, there is a flat-rate $9.99 CAD shipping fee.

For more information, please see our Shipping and Delivery page

We do not accept the return of products, based on change of mind or incorrect choices on the original order. Refunds are only eligible for damaged products, including cookbooks, caused by third party carriers.

You can find more information on our returns policy at our Returns & Exchanges page.

Sometimes we have items available on a pre-order offer. That means you can secure your item at a sale price before it’s in stock. Delivery dates for your pre-order items are available on the website on the relevant product page. 

The MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. You can find the details of the warranty here

The cookbooks are not covered under warranty.

Cookware FAQs

Carbon steel is lightweight and heats up quickly. Because it is lightweight you get ultimate heat control in getting the pan hot and cool for optimal cooking performance. Carbon steel is the undisputed superior material for a wok.

Black steel is created using carbon steel that goes through a unique pre-seasoning process where natural oils are applied, and the steel is heated to form a natural iron oxide layer. This creates a naturally non-stick layer and the beautiful matte black finish.

  • Naturally non-stick from the moment you open it
  • Chemical-free surface
  • High heat tolerance
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly rust resistant
  • Lightweight

It can often take years to develop a proper seasoning on a plain carbon steel surface and be quite difficult to achieve. By pre-seasoning the MAKO Black Steel 14, we’ve accelerated the seasoning process. Meaning your wok will perform as it should – immediately – straight out of the box.

The unique black steel is created using natural oils and heat treatment to create the natural, chemical-free, pre-seasoned surface.

No, this is not a chemical or traditional non-stick coating. The MAKO natural non-stick is created from our black steel process (as above).

Yes, because MAKO don’t use traditional chemical non-stick coatings, the wok is free from all PFOAS or PTFEs.

Yes. To continue to build the natural patina after every use, you should clean your wok as instructed, dry it completely and lightly re-oil the surface.

You should always use oils that can handle high heat, such as vegetable or canola oil. Never use oils like olive oil, which has a lower smoking point.

A patina is a layer that is gradually produced over time on your MAKO wok, which creates an easy-release surface on the pan. This process occurs during seasoning and/or when oils and fats are released during cooking and generates a protective layer on the base of the pan.

One of the best parts of owning a MAKO wok is this natural patina that will build over time on the surface of your wok. This adds flavour, increases the natural non-stick ability and enhances the cooking experience. Each time you use your wok, this patina will build further.

To maintain your patina, it is important to carefully follow our cleaning and aftercare instructions.

Yes, the MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. You can find the details of the warranty here. 

Cookbook FAQs

MARION: Recipes and stories from a hungry cook
This book is for anyone who shares Marion's deep love of food, from Asian classics and European dishes to Modern Australian fare and everything in between (and wants to know where it all began). 
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Always Delicious by Marion Grasby
This book is for cooks who want to try out some of Marion's most popular (and mostly Asian and fusion) recipes, while learning her fundamental techniques and foolproof tips. 
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Just as Delicious by Marion Grasby
This book is for those wanting more of a deep dive into cooking techniques and who enjoy a wide variety of dish types, such as desserts, breads and braises among Marion's classic noodles, stir-fries and more. 
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Mama Noi: Secrets from an Asian Mama’s kitchen
This book is for someone who digs the Asian takeaway and restaurant classics, raves about all things retro... and loves Mama Noi's no-nonsense style of home cooking.
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Andy Cooks: The Cookbook
This book is for fans of Andy Cooks and his food, and all those keen to know how to make restaurant-quality food in a home kitchen
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Unfortunately the cookbooks are not covered under warranty.

Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy for more information.